Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Back of The Perfect Bag

I love the front of this bag for it's beauty. I like the color combination of the denim combined with the gold of the khaki. These particular khakis are very golden mustard in color. I appreciate the back of the bag for it's function. I utilized cargo shorts for the major portion of this bag. I like the capacity and practicality of the pockets that are part of cargo pants. Most cargo pant pockets have pleats that allow for expansion when you want to really stuff them. A large pocket like this on the outside of the bag is a great place to keep things I might need to find in a hurry. My phone, ID, lip gloss, glasses. The fact that the pockets either Velcro or button shut to keep things secure is definitely a plus. This way I don't have to worry about losing things. If I drop my bag or set it down and it falls over, everything is safe. The cargo pocket on the back of this bag works to make the function of the back, as perfect as the beauty of the front. This bag will cart my "stuff" at flea markets, vacations, and perfect days off from work. It will do that, and show off my style to everyone who notices. Laid-back, casual, up-scale Bohemian.

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