Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Show Off Your Labels

How do you feel about labels and branding? The Coach bag with little C's all over it. The red Levis pocket tag, small, yet truly unique and obviously Levis. Labels can be like little pieces of art work. Some labels are simply the brand's name done in a very recognizable way. Some labels have unique graphics that make them stand out.

Since I re purpose a lot of clothing for the bags I make, I have a lot of different clothing labels on hand. (I do tend to keep everything from a garment that I just might find a use for.) I was looking at my stash of labels one day. Just admiring the different color combinations and the unique graphics. I was inspired to create a bag that wasn't a nod to just one brand or label, but a bag that would allow you to show off all your favorite labels and brands. A bag that would be a collage of labels that could be added to when ever a new or unique label just happened to be come available.

This is the first bag I designed this way. A great dusty chocolate brown. Doesn't it remind you of old luggage with all of the travel destination labels on it? A mini scrape book of a part of your life.